Becoming A Doula

Support is the cornerstone of a fulfilling birth experience.

Blending traditional wisdom of childbirth with current and progressive information about the physiology and psychology of childbirth, Cornerstone Doula Trainings will prepare you to help families start their lives together in the most gentle and loving way.

Need a doula? We also offer labor and postpartum doula services.

Cornerstone Doula Trainings are in San Francisco, CA.
Please contact us at: (510) 501-7501 to schedule and host a training in your area!

Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake

Nickie Tilsner, a doula and doula trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area advises moms-to-be on how to choose a doula. She recommends that you pay careful attention to how your energy matches hers. “Experience is not the key here”, Nickie said. “You may feel completely comfortable with someone who has just finished her training…. “You never know how your labor is going to go, and you want someone who will go with you.”

From Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein’s Your Best Birth